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Volunteers of America LA

Volunteers of America Los Angeles (VOALA) offers a broad scope of programs and services to residents across Los Angeles. They work to empower and transform the lives of vulnerable populations including at-risk youth, under-served communities, women and men return from correctional institutions, people challenged with addictions and substance abuse and individuals and families impacted by homelessness.


Volunteers of America Los Angeles can help provide workers support including but not limited to the following

  • Adults who need help with homelessness, drug addiction and re-entry back into the community
  • Single mothers, female veterans, young women exiting the foster care system
  • Veterans and their families with mental health, employment housing, and case management
  • Children’s early education

More Resources

  • Reports
    Workforce Warriors: Los Angeles Black Worker Center’s Bold Battle for Equity
  • Stewards Council
    Wage Theft Scenarios/Examples
  • Stewards Council
    Workplace Protections Training

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